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Writings & Publications

The writings collected here represent a broad range of subject matter inclusive of a Village Design. Most of these began as research papers for degree programs. The intention was to explore Village Design from as many angles as possible, thus creating a multi- and trans-disciplinary array that could help to provide definition for this emerging field. Constructive critical feedback is most welcome...

Academic Papers


  Ecovillage as Ecosystem

  Ecovillages as Living Systems: Reviewing and Renewing Organic Settlement Patterning

  The Ecovillage as a Living Cell: Biological Structures and Metaphors

  The Evolution of an Ecovillage Potential

  A Concise History of the Global Ecovillage Movement

  A Strategy for Ecovillage Development

  Would an Ecovillage By Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?

Urban Village

  Sustainable Cities: An Oxymoron?

  The Urban Village: Synergy of Ecology and Urbanism

  An Historical Survey of Urban Density as a Consequence of Energy Regime: Descent into the Urban Village

  Happy Valley Urban Village

  Annotated Bibliography: Sustainable Urban Design and Development

Suburban Village

  Village Design as a Retrofit Solution for Suburbia


  General Systems Theory as a Conceptual Tool for Village Designers

  Classic Maya Settlement Patterns

  Classic Egyptian Settlement Patterns

  Sustainable Settlement Energetics: EMergy and Ecovillage

  EMERGY and Ecovillage


  The Problem with Civilization

  What Is a Village?


  Human Ecology Informs Us How to be Good at Being Human

  Deep Ecology

  Ecology of Consciousness

  Sustainable Food Systems for the 21st Century

  Water Distribution Systems

  Northwest Geologic History

  Tracing the Origin of a Can of Cola

  Lament of a Nature Writer



  An Introduction to Ecovillage Economics: Advocating a Human Scale

  The Economics of Sustainable Leisure

  An Overview of Village Economics


  What Exactly is Design?

  Fundamentals of Village Design

  Towards an Epistemology for the Ecovillage Designer: Place-making, Co-worlding, Eco-poiesis

  Design for Consciousness: An Exploration into the Relationship between the Built Environment and Human Potential

  Design for Beauty: Evolution beyond Sustainability

Spirituality & Cosmology

  Neogenesis: An Autobiography of Sorts

  The Five Kingdoms of Life

  TAO of Manifestation

  Jungian Typology as an Archetypal Structural Model

  The Quadripartite Circle: An Inquiry into Archetypal Structural Organization

  Apocalypse: Prelude to Enlightenment

  Mythologizing for Our Times: Opening the Space for Emergent Possibilities


  Celebrating Spiritual Diversity in the Ecovillage Movement

  Maximizing Potential


  Sustainability 1

  Sustainability 2

  Sustainability as Defined by a Freelance Doctoral Seminar

  Beyond Sustainability: The Beauty Effect

  Bibliography: Beauty and Sustainability

Sustainable Community


  Seeds of Community: Planting a New Way of Life

  Seeds of Community: A Treatise on Global Sustainability

  Seeds of Community: Retrofitting the North American Continent

  What Exactly IS a Sustainable Community?

  Sustainable Communities: Solutions for a Changing World

  Towards a Sustainable Community Design and Development: A Primer for the American Developer

  Sustainable Communities Profit Corporate America

  Setting Up a Community-Based School

  Sustainable Community Design and Development: Selected Bibliography


  Body History

  Body Resemblance


  Hermeneutics Essay

  Interpretation of Damasio's "The Feeling of What Happens"

  Interpreting Which Came First: Feeling or Thinking?

  Throwing Lke a Spartan: The Limitations of a Socially Constructed Somatics

  The Yoga of Maturity

  Yoga and the Meaning of the Body


  Advanced Phenomenological Inquiry: Researching Lived Experience

  Transformative Phenomenology 1

  Transformative Phenomenology 2

  Towards a Phenomenology of Reading Phenomenology

  Ideas for a Depth Study



  Lived Body

  Wee Hours Meditation

  Life without a Tranformation Intensive

  The Essence of Being

  The Epoche

  Neurophenomenology of the Lifeworld

  Towards a Neurophenomenology of Settlement Morphology

Academy of Village Design


  Plato's Academy: Organizational Development of an Ideal Form

  Academy of Village Design - Project Overview

  Daily Schedule

  Overview of Organization Development

  Sustaining the Magic in an Organization

  Documentation Report: Establishing the Land Trust

  Tarnas' Classic Books of Western Civilization

Design Studio

  Stages in the Ecovillage Site Design Process

  Brainstorming the Design Studio: Originating from Zone '0'

  Design Brief - EDE 2010

Project Portfolio

  Donovan Farm

  The Talent Farm of Snohomish County

  The Community Education Campus

  Recommendations for the Successful Manifestation of a Community Education Campus (Including Checklist)

  North Creek Village - Project Description 1

  North Creek Village - Project Description 2

  North Creek Village - Project Description 3

  North Creek Village - Executive Summary

  North Creek Village: Fulfilling the Vision of the Comprehensive Plan

  Sustainability Development Plan for North Creek Village

  An Inspiring Vision for Re-enacting Sustainability - in Alaska and Beyond

  Whittier Village Project: Sustainable Community Alaskan Style

  Sustainablity Redevelopment Plan for Iliamna Village

  Chumash Village - Project Description

  Malibu Village - Executive Summary

A Pattern Language for EcoVillages

  A Preliminary Outline for "A Pattern Language for Ecovillages"

  What Exactly IS "A Pattern Language?"

  The Use of Pattern Languages

  Languages in My Life

  Design Project Proposal

  Design Language Framework

  Individual Inquiry Plan (with Bibliography)

  Epistemology of Design Languages

  Analysis of Power and Language in My Project

  Invitation to Charrette

  Brainstorming the Patterns

  The Extended Language - The Next Dodecahedron

  Pattern 13: ECOVILLAGE

  A 3-Dimensional, Multi-layered Map of First 12 Patterns

  Principles of Social Design

  Patterns from Rosneath Farm, Dunsborough, Western Australia

  Comparative Analysis of Radical vs. Incremental Change: A Conversation in Whole Systems Design

Ecovillage Design Education

  Educating for the Ecovillage Millennium

  Ecovillage Design Education Meeting, Spring 2004, Findhorn

  Theoretical Framework for the "Ecovillage Design Education"

  Guidelines for Module Format

  EDE 5-year Evaluation

  Promoting the "Ecovillage Design" Part of the Ecovillage Design Education

  Report from the "Curriculum Development Symposium," 5-9 January 2010

  Dimension 5 - Core Values

  Dimension 5 - Design Principles

  Dimension 5 - Design Attitudes

  Dimension 5 - Principles of Group Design

  New Mandala

  How Does Gaia Teach?

  Overseeing (from Thomas Cleary)

B.A. Process Papers

  The Time and Place of My Education

  Transition Statement

  Concentration Proposal

  Outback Report

  Village Design Curriculum Schematic: The World's First Academic Degree Devoted to Ecovillage Design

M.A. Process Papers

  Action Plan

  Spreading Roots (Something to Smile About)

  First Letter to Facilitators

  Reflection on Individual Design Project Learning

  Integrative Self-Assessment 1

  Integrative Self-Assessment 2

  ISP - Cognition Theories

  ISP - Living Systems Theory

  ISP - Biological Structures and Metaphors

  ISP - Ecovillage Economics

  ISP - Community Land Trusts

  A Transformative Learning Experience

  Context Paper

  Professional Statement

Graduate Design Project

  Ecovillage Design Course Description

  Ecovillage Design Course Syllabus

  Ecovillage Design Course Reader Contents

  Ecovillage Design Course Bibliography

  Project Learning Analysis

  Reflective Essay

  Course Proposal - Ecological Design

  Course Proposal - Sustainable Settlements

  Course Proposal - Growing Community

  GDP Report

Ph.D. Process Papers

  Action Plan for Doctoral Program

  Annotated Bibliography: Research Methods and Designs

  Current Issues in Three Social Research Traditions

  KA*702 Assessment Contract

  KA*703 Assessment Contract

  KA*704 Assessment Contract

  KA*716 Assessment Contract

  KA*717 Assessment Contract

  KA*753a Assessment Contract

  KA*753b Assessment Contract

  KA*753c Assessment Contract

  KA*702 Report and Evaluation

  KA*703 Documentation Report

  KA*708 Self-Evaluation

  KA*719 Executive Summary

  KA*753c Self Evaluation

  KA*754d Documentation Report

  Comprehensive Assessment 1

  Comprehensive Assessment 2

  Comprehensive Assessment 3

  Comprehensive Assessment 3b

  Concept Paper

  Dissertation Proposal v3.2

Book Reviews

  Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity

  Angels Fear: Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred

  Mindful Inquiry in Social Research

  Beyond Objectivism and Relativism: Science, Hermeneutics, and Praxis

  By the Torch of Chaos and Doubt: Consciousness, Culture, Poiesis, and Religion in the Opening Global Millennium

  Problems of Mind: Descartes to Wittgenstein

  Grounding Knowledge: Environmental Philosophy, Epistemology, and Place

  Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature

  The Mind of the Cells: or Willed Mutation of Our Species

  The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think in Action

  Dwelling, Seeing, Designing: Towards a Phenomenological Ecology

  Wild Knowledge: Science, Language, and Social Life in a Fragile Environment

  Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: Theory, Method and Research

CLEAR Village

  My Experience at the First CLEAR Village Lab







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